Anqi (Angela) Zhang

Computer Science PhD Student @ NYU

I am now studying and working as a first year PhD student in the New York University, Computer Science Department of Courant Institute, focusing on Distributed Systems, Machine Learning Systems, and Database related research. I'm also interested in data science, applied machine learning, HCI. I have been working as research assistant in the University of Chicago, Peking University, and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Research Experiences

The University of Chicago

Chicago, US
DPOS (Deep Learning Operating System)
Sep 2017 – Mar 2019

Research Assistant to Prof. Haryadi S. Gunawi, UCARE lab (U of C systems research on Availability, Reliability and Efficiency)

  • Utilizing customized DNN (Deep Neural Network) to support performance prediction for general black-box SSDs, which are widely applied in high-performance storage system.
  • Designing and applying Keras and Tensorflow to develop a DNN topology model for high accuracy latency prediction for simple RAID style FTL in simulated SSDs.
  • Evaluating customized DNN model on real IO traces collected from industrial SSDs, from read-only to read-write workloads.

Queen Mary, University of London

London, UK
Cloud Software Platform for Small Businesses
Sep 2016 – Jul 2017

Research Assistant to Dr. Ling Ma

  • Researched the architecture of a new cloud platform with enhanced small-scale cloud services and an optimized cloud-based development environment for use by small businesses. Built the infrastructure and servers to run the platform.
  • Developed an e-commerce platform that employed a backend server cluster for distributed computing, which increased the speed and improved efficiency of the design.
  • Designed a user-friendly online application for business owners with limited computer literacy to sell products online.

Peking University

Beijing, China
Semantic Relation, Data Analysis and Applications for Social Networks
Jul 2016 – Sep 2016

Research Assistant to Prof. Yan Zhang, Key Laboratory of Machine Perception

  • Conducted a literature review of papers that researched on data mining algorithms, conducted analysis of social networks, and reviewed sentiment analysis methods.
  • Collected information from online social medias such as Twitter and Weibo to explore the structure of networks and improve on classical social network algorithms. Learned how to scrape and cleanse the web-based unstructured data.

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Beijing, China
Self-Optimization Technology in Future Wireless Communication Network
May 2015 – June 2016

Research Assistant to Prof. Haipeng Yao, Future Network Theory and Applications Laboratory

  • Conducted research on optimal methods for self-optimization of power usage and self-configuration of channel usage by wireless communication networks, focusing on influence factors like SIR and SINR. Applied an SOM Neural Network algorithm to build a software simulation platform for operators to automate process power optimization under network load variations.
  • Implemented a cell phone APP for users, which allow them to connect to the most optimal wireless network when first attempt to establish a connection at any given area.


WLAN Interference Self-Optimization using SOM Neural Networks

Haipeng Yao, Hao Yang, Anqi Zhang, Chao Fang, Yiru Guo. Published in SCI Journal, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, DOI: 10.1002/cpe.3913, 2016

Optimization Design and Application of Intelligent Parking Lot in Smart City

Hao Yang, Anqi Zhang, Yingtong Dou. IEEE Third International Conference on Universal Village, 6-8 OCT, Japan, 2016


PhD Computer Science

New York University, CIMS
2019 - present
Working with Prof. Jinyang Li and Prof. Aurojit Panda as faculty advisors, focusing on Distributed System, Machine Learning Systems, Database Systems.

Pre-Doctoral MSc Computer Science

The University of Chicago (UC)
Sep 2017 – Dec 2018
Working with Prof. Haryadi S. Gunawi as faculty advisor, focusing on Machine Learning techniques, storage system, operating system.

BMc E-Commerce Engineering with Law

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT)
Sep 2013 – Jun 2017
GPA: 3.90/4.0, ranked 1/177 Selected awards: National Scholarship

BSc Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Queen Mary, University of London
Sep 2013 – Jun 2017
Joint Degree Program with BUPT


Get in Touch

I'm currently working on the MLProvenance project.

I'm interested in related projects:

  • The intersection of systems and machine learning
  • Distributed systems
  • Database systems and distributed transactions

Drop me a line at or call me at (224) 434 1028

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